Brandi Carlile

At the Woodland Park Zoo 2011

We were waiting in line for the gates to the venue to open and I was getting restless, so I went for a walk to to pick up an iced mocha at the coffee stand by the main entrance. As I was walking down the path a very familiar face was walking towards me with a child on his shoulders and his lovely wife along side. Dave Matthews was headed straight for me. I wasn't sure what to do, so I did nothing. I didn't want to be "that guy" when he was having a private moment with his family, but I did nearly bump into him as we passed. Dave lives in a very humble house just a couple of blocks away from Woodland Park.

I got to the coffee stand and 2 cops happened to be hanging out, drinking coffee, eating danish. I told them hello and asked if they knew that a celebrity was in the park. They did in fact know that Dave was in the park and then informed me that he was probably going to get up on stage for a song.

Cool! Now all I had to do was go back and share this with my friend Barb, THE BIGGEST DAVE FANATIC IN THE WORLD! She was very upset she didn't get to see him (she always just misses him), but very excited that he was performing. Brandi and Dave ended up doing a duet, Angels for Montgomery. It was magic. 

The second video is from her pre-release for Bear Creek. Barb won the chance to see her at the Mountain FM and was kind enough to bring me along.