It's got a bite! The secret is the pickups. Each pickup has 30% more windings for more output. six alnico magnets, and a shell of silicone that reduces unwanted noise. To ensure the brightest, cleanest sound, the pickup is then shielded in a patented German silver split casing. An extra capacitor in the circuitry keeps those highs coming (even at low volume) and dramatically increases cutting power when the volume's up. 

The first Viper’s were a throwback to the original Fender Telecasters.  They had solid slab bodies with little machine working beyond a rounding of corners.  In addition,  most were in natural light wood, giving them a primitive look and feel.  Production did not last long, probably less than a year, and they were soon replaced by a more contoured body and more wood and finish choices.

This is a later one with the contoured body and new style bridge. The body and neck are maple. The fretboard is ebony.