EA68 Viper Tamo Ash

I had a natural finished one for a short while but had to let it go. I told myself when I got another it would be a "Book" or "Tamo Ash". When this Tamo Ash model came up, I snagged it quick. There were only a very few of these made with this custom finish.

The thing plays awesome. ut it plays like an electric. The sound is all acoustic,  bIf you consider yourself an electric guitarist FIRST, and you play live, it's almost a no-brainer, you gotta have it. The top is obviously gorgeous, but I had never paid close attention to the multi-binding on the neck and body too. The oil rubbed v-profile neck feel just right, and the 24 frets is like home to me growing up on my UKII.

You might have guessed by the string-thru design that this is not a plastic backed Ovation as . It's actually a solid slab of mahogany with carved out acoustic chambers. The back has the same paint on it as the bowls do which is a shame if you ask me. I wish it would have been kept natural.