1868-6P Elite

These early 90’s SSBs are some of the most comfortable guitars to play on the planet. In the very rare -6p pearl white finish, with it’s soft v profile neck, this guitar looks and plays like a dream. 

This one was an almost an exact twin for the 1858 12 string. There was some fret wear and I decided to send it off to New Hartford to have it done right… Which it was. Unfortunately, on it’s return trip, the weather decided to put finish cracks across the top, so back she went.

Now it’s almost an entirely new guitar. The eppies and bridge were removed, a new Pearl White finish was applied, and new bridge and eppies, and now it’s much whiter that it’s aged sister, the epaulets are brighter and newer looking too. It lost it’s antiqueness,  but it’s so new and shiny looking… Bittersweet.