R869-4 Custom Legend

I told myself I was done buying roundbacks for a while, but this one's got me excited. You just don't find them often. Actually, it's the first one I've seen for sale.

Aside from the synth interface, it's got some of the best action I've ever had on an Ovation. I don't know if this thing was played much as I can't even find a pick mark on it. It's also sporting my favorite preamp, the Optima. All this in a very comfortable SSB, and sounds better than my mid bowl 1771LX did if you ask me.

Been having lots of fun with this plugged into the Roland Synth. I have the flute and singing parts down for Breaking the Girl (sounds awesome with the band), and was working on the sax part for Maneater last night... yeah lots of fun.

And some pics...