Hand Shaved Noodles

The Eastside's PREMIERE 90's cover band.


A band formed from a bunch of guys who met at Linda Lee's open mic jams. We met at Daman's of all places. Linda was running an open mic, and it was my first time getting up in front of folks all by myself. Max Campbell is her 'beau' and the drummer for Hand Shaved Noodles.

J (don't call him Jared) was another person frequenting the place. He was loosley involved in another project, but we both liked the types of stuff the other was doing, and hit it off from there. Sometimes we'll also do a 2 man acoustic set.

Again, Lino was met at the open mic. He was playing with Chasen Chance when we snagged him up to play with us… then eventually Chasen repaid the favor and snagged me over to his project.

Music is both acoustic and electric driven, throwing in a distinct Seattle flavor with everything from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, etc to general stuff from the 90's and beyond like Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dave Matthews Band. Every now and then some of my old school comes out with some Neil Young, or even some good ol' funky stuff like Bill Withers or Billy Preston.